Washing Aquarium Substrates

Washing Aquarium Substrates. A common complaint of many substrates is that they tend to cloud up water when first setting up a tank. This clouding can be mitigated by filling the tank slowly or adding water over a dish so it does not stir the gravel., If it is important that clouding be completely elliminated, you might want to try one of these methods…
  1. Probably the best way to remove residual dust is to screen it. this can be accomplished in a few different ways but the principle is the same. You can take a common screen from a window and spread your gravel out over it. Then take a hose and pour water over it until the water comes out from under the screen clean. Another suggestion is take a cover from a reptile tank. These have a fine screen and a plastic border to keep material from washing away. Yet another way to do this is to simply build your own rinsing apparatus using wood and screen. Make sure the screen is fine enough so that only dust washes trhough it.
  2. Another method is by filling up a bucket halfway with your gravel, then filling the bucket with water . Stir up the gravel and pour out the water. you can also just let the bucket continue to fill with water and let it overflow. This can be done outside or in a sink.
  3. If you have a large sieve, you can also use it. Fill it with your gravel and then just let water run through it. One good idea we have heard, if you are rinsing any of our substrates for the planted aquarium and have a garden or flower bed, is to rinse out the substrate over your garden. All the dust that settles in the soil will benefit outdoor plants as well.
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