Saltwater Protein Skimmers

Saltwater Protein Skimmers.  Marine aquarium inhabitants produce waste substances, the quantity depends on the livestock and the feeding. By means of an effective skimming system, organic waste matter, the so-called DOCs (Dissolved Organic Carbons), can be removed. To mention but a few, these are substances such as proteins, cellulose, dead cell substances from bacterial and algae. In high concentration they are harmful for any aquarium biotope.

The DOC skimmer removes these compounds effectively from the water circuit, better than a bio-mechanical filter, which means that by removing proteins “before” bacterial decomposition, crystal-clear water is retained and a rise in nitrate and phosphate is reduced.

It can be observed that when air bubbles are produced proteins are absorbed immediately. In practice it can be observed that the absorbed matter is torn off the air bubbles again by skimmers with a tall reaction chamber. For this reason, all good skimmers have very short reactors with a high air throughput .


In the skimmer, the Hydrofoamer produces a large quantity of a mixture of 50 per cent of water and 50 per cent of fine air bubbles. Each air bubble has an active surface which binds the electrically charged DOCs (Dissolved Organic Carbons). The air water mixture is immediately transported into the middle reactor area, producing a dense foamy mass. The upper zone of the reactor is used to settle this foamy mass laden with protein, which is then removed into a special foam cup or into the foam extraction pipe. The purified water returns into the aquarium without bubbles or into the filter. By means of a special nipple, ozone can be introduced into the system, thus improving the skimming process and at the same time removing any yellowing matter in the aquarium water.

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