Tunze NanoStream Electronic 6040

Tunze NanoStream Electronic 6040


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For aquariums from 20 to 500 liters (5.3 to 132 USgal.), Circulation Performance: approx. 200 to 4500l/h (53 to 1190 USgal./h),Power Consumption: 1.5 13W, Cable Length: 3m (118 in.), Dimensions without flow deflector:65mm (2.56 in.) x 65mm (2.56 in.) x 65mm (2.56 in.): outlet 40mm (1.57 in.), Outlet Diameter: 40mm (1.57 in.), Silence Magnet Holder will support a glass thickness of up to 15mm

The Tunze Nanostream 6040 offers discrete integration into any aquarium biotope. Offering very quiet operation, a new sleek design this high-quality product made in Germany also comes with an attachment and a new Magnet Holder.

The 6040 is virtually maintenance free with a self cleaning system. It also has a Silence Holder and Soft Start, while the rugged design also provides low power consumption.

The Tune NanoStream 6040 is endowed with a brand new, redesigned controller which is much more practical to use and a lot easier on the eyes. The redesigned NanoStream controller includes basic functions such as intensity and pulse modes for generating oscillating flow, as well as feed mode and the ability to be synched up with other pumps to create mass water movement in medium sized aquariums.

These pumps are super quiet, hyper efficient, with magnetic mounts that have built in vibration absorption and are German-built to last.

The new Turbelle nanostream 6020 and 6040 electronic deliver significantly more power than their sleek exterior design suggests. These new types of very compact circulation pumps for aquariums can be easily hidden behind a decoration, and thus ensure the harmonious overall appearance of a small aquarium, absolutely perfect for aqua-scaping.

Thanks to the special flow deflector and Magnet Holder, the wide waterjet is 3D adjustable at the pump outlet. Through the Silence Holder they do not touch the aquarium glass pane directly and are therefore unable to transmit vibrations, which makes them one of the quietest pumps available on the market

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wko1CqBGSxE

For aquariums from 20 to 500 liters (5.3 to 132 USgal.)
Circulation Performance: approx. 200 to 4500l/h (53 to 1190 USgal./h).
Power Consumption: 1.5 – 13W
Cable Length: 3m (118 in.)
Dimensions without flow deflector:65mm (2.56 in.) x 65mm (2.56 in.) x 65mm (2.56 in.): outlet ø40mm (1.57 in.)
Outlet Diameter: 40mm (1.57 in.)
Silence Magnet Holder will support a glass thickness of up to 15mm