Tropic Marin Potassium 500ml

Tropic Marin Potassium 500ml


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Potassium supplement for aquaria

Product description

Potassium is an essential main nutrient for all organisms. In seawater the natural potassium concentration is approx. 408 ppm.

Adjusting the potassium concentration to the natural level with Tropic Marin® Potassium may improve vitality and colors of many corals.

The potassium concentration should be carefully measured by means of a water test before using Tropic Marin® Potassium

(e.g. Tropic Marin® K+ Test Pro).


  • Potassium supplement for reef aquaria

  • Improve vitality and colors of many corals

  • Suitable for an aquarium stocked with soft and leather corals, LPS, SPS


Potassium salt

Application & Dosage

Tropic Marin® Potassium contains 100 mg/ml of potassium. Adding 10 ml of Tropic Marin® Potassium to 100 l (26 gallons) of water will increase the overall aquarium potassium concentration of the water by 10 mg/l. No more than 20 ml of potassium should be added to 100 l (26 gallons) water on a daily basis.​

Some coral types can react with low growth and weak colouring if the potassium content in the aquarium water is too low.

In salt water, potassium is present in a concentration of approx. 408 mg/l. Overly high concentrations of potassium pose a danger to sensitive creatures. The potassium concentration should not be increased significantly above the natural concentration. With this in mind, the potassium concentration should be measured using our Tropic Marin® K+ Test Professional before using
Tropic Marin® Potassium.