Trixie Digital Thermometer Hygrometer


Measures: Celsius 0 to 50 Degrees and Humidity 30% to 99%. With suction cup for easy mounting

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Trixie Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

Trixie Digital Thermometer Hygrometer

Celsius 0° to 50° and
Humidity 30% to 99%
With suction cup for easy mounting

Bearded Dragon Temperature:
Bearded dragons are from a desert-like environment, so their tanks need to be heated. Generally a tank should have a hot side where the temperature is anywhere from 95 F° to 110 F° and a cool side where the temperature is around 85 F°.

Leopard Gecko Temperature:
The basking area should be 87-90°F. This is important because leopard geckos require higher temperatures to properly digest their food. The cool side of their tank should be between 74-80°F. Do not let the max temperature get above 94°F, because that is considered too hot for your leopard gecko.

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