TLC Super Sludge Digester 375ml


Safe, natural, bacterial formula. Eliminates excess sludge due to over-feeding, excess organic load, or algae bloom / death cycle. Eliminates odors and reduces potential for pathogens

Digests sludge build up Ideal when the pond gets a lot of excess leaves or clippings etc Great if your pond is used by ducks or geese Digests excess organic sludge Helps maintain oxygen levels during summer heat 100% Live bacteria Non-Toxic

Sludge Digester removes the build up of organic material at the bottom of the pond.

Organic sediment creates anaerobic zones (no disolved oxygen) that cause odour – disease causing bacteria flourish in anaerobic zones

If the sludge build up is severe, it releases nutrients & lowers oxygen levels which is unhealthy for the fish & also causes poor water quality – water can also become cloudy

Directions for Use:
Start Up: Add 10mls  for every 1000L of pond  volume, dose at least once a month or up to once a week for best results.
Autumn Clean up Dose: Add 40mls TLC for every 3800Lof pond volume. Repeat every day for 4 – 7 consecutive days.
This product contains live bacteria. Store at room temperature with cap closed. Refrigeration is not necessary