Siphon XLarge


Siphon XLarge

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Aquarium Siphon and Cleaner

This Aquarium Siphon and Cleaner is designed not only for siphoning water from your tank quickly and efficiently but also for siphoning the dirt in and around the gravel within your aquarium fish tank landscape.


Innovative auto siphon pump, quick and easy to use
Flow control valve
Integrated gravel and fish strainer
48cm siphon tube Included plus 180cm of tubing from siphon to end tap
Used in small to large aquarium tanks


Hose length (cm): 180


Submerge gravel cleaner inside aquarium
Place other end of hose into a bucket.
Open up Flow Control Valve.
Start “Squeezing” the Auto Siphon pump until a siphon is created.
Remove fish waste and debris by lowering gravel vacuum on gravel.
Adjust Flow control value as needed for different size aquariums.