Reptile One Halogen Heat Lamp – Daylight 42W

Reptile One Halogen Heat Lamp – Daylight 42W


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Reptile One Halogen Heat Lamps are designed to last longer and utilise less electricity, resulting in an efficient, cost-effective option to heat your reptile.

Reptile One halogen bulbs are designed to last up to 2,000* hours whilst being more energy efficient when compared to incandescent bulbs. (* Based on constant and stable electricity supply.)

The range includes – Daylight, Neodymium, Moonlight and Infrared lamps, with each range starting at 28W, going up to a max of 100W in certain models. With such a comprehensive new range, you will be sure to find the right heat lamp for your reptiles.


Features & Benefits:

  • The Daylight Halogen is used to provide basking light and heat conditions during daylight hours for your diurnal reptiles. The UVA rays enhance and stimulate psychological wellbeing in reptiles and is an essential component of maintaining healthy reptiles.
  • The Neodymium mineral which is infused into the glass of this bulb can enhance the colours of your animals. The UVA rays enhance and stimulate psychological well being in reptiles and is an essential component of maintaining healthy reptiles.

  • The Moonlight Halogen is a low light heat source providing a purple hue that replicates natural moonlight conditions, and functions as a heat source for nocturnal reptiles.

  • The Infrared Halogen provides a soft light output, whilst providing optimum heat conditions. An ideal choice of lighting in situations such as rehabilitation and brooding where bright lights can stress the animal.
  • Save on your power bills! Halogen lighting is a more efficient and cost-effective lighting option. Please see the conversion chart to see how incandescent lighting compares!
  • High efficiency, next-generation halogen broad spectrum lighting technology for your reptile collection.
  • May be used in conjunction with other UVB light sources such as T8 tubes or compact UVB bulbs.