Red Sea ReefMat Replacement Roll 500

Red Sea ReefMat Replacement Roll 500


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Efficient, high-flow 50 g/m2 filter roll made from non-woven, polyester fleece. Replacement roll for the ReefMat 500 Auto Filter Roller.

Although specific lifespan will vary according to system paramenters such as volume, bio-load, feeding schedule, and initial water quality; each 28m roll of filter fleece is expected to last 5-8 weeks on a moderately stocked 80 gallon reef system. Bare-bottom tanks will typically exhaust rolls at a faster rate. Additionally, usage rate may be significantly higher for the first few weeks after installing a ReefMat while your system adjusts to the new level of mechanical filtration.


Length – 28m / 92ft

Width – 11.3cm / 4.4″