Pond One PondMaster 3600PH

Pond One PondMaster 3600PH


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Max 3500LPH Max Head Height – 2.9m Power usage – 71w Length, width, height – 19x9x12cm Cable length – 10m Removable pre-filter Fountain head flow adjustment In-Line use Suitable for fresh & Saltwater 2 year warranty

Pond One PondMaster 3600PH

* Use with or without the fountain heads
* Removable filter sponge
* Suitable for In-line use
* Magnetic drive centrifugal pumps
* Ceramic shaft
* Epoxy encapsulated motor
* All models supplied with suction cups
* Fresh or Salt water use
* Complete flexibility ..In line setup for in-line use, either in or out of water. When the pre filter cover is removed a barbed hose tail (provided) can be screwed into the inlet.

BSP tread on inlet & outlet – Inlet 1″ Outlet 3/4″
Supplied hose tails for inlet* & outlet. *In-line use (Hose I.D.) – Inlet 25mm, Outlet 20mm
Supplied Hose tail for waterfall or filter, when using fountain – 12.5 & 20mm
Shaft material – Ceramic
Fountain Heads included – Mushroom/Bell, 2 Tiered, 3 Tiered
Max Litres per hour – 3500
Max pumping height – 2.9m
Power usage, watts – 71w
Length, width, height – 19x9x12cm
Cable length – 10m
Removable pre-filter – Yes
In-Line use – If gravity feed – Yes
Fountain head flow adjustment – Yes
Thermal overload shut off – Yes

PLEASE NOTE: Under the consumer guarantees act if this electrical product is altered in any way this will void all warranties. We will allow the item to be hard wired into place provided that all works are carried out by a Registered Electrician. If the item needs to be returned to us under warranty for repair or replacement a replacement plug must be attached prior to returning the item along with a copy of the Electricians Certificate of Compliance.

Help to work out the size of pump you need due to the head height:

here are two areas to consider for head height, you add these two distances together –  Vertical lift & Dynamic head.


Measure the vertical distance from the surface of the pond water, to the point at which the water enters the top of the watercourse.


Other information required to calculate the Total Dynamic Head (TDH) includes the length and diameter of the pipe leading from the pump to the outlet at the top of the watercourse.

• For every 1m of pipe is equivalent to 10cm of head height.
• For every 1 size hose diameter reduced from the maximum outlet diameter of the pump is equivalent to 1m of head height.
• For every 90 degree bend in the hose is equivalent to 1m head height.
• For every 45 degree bend in the hose is equivalent to 50cm of head height.

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