Pond One ClearTec UV-C 36 Watt

Pond One ClearTec UV-C 36 Watt


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Max Pond capacity 30000 L, Includes: 10M cable, 36 watt bulb, Quartz sleeve, Micro switch in cap, Maximum flow though rate: 15000 LPH

Max Pond Capacity 30000L

Micro switch in cap, Maximum flow though rate: 15000 LPH Quality in-line sterilizer ideal for aquariums, ponds and hydroponics

The UV-C unit should be placed after your filter, so that the water comes from the tank through the filter then from the filter through the UV-C unit and back into the pond or aquarium.

These units will keep your water sterilized without having to use chemicals which can cause side effects and be harmful to your plants and fish.


PLEASE NOTE: Under the consumer guarantees act if this electrical product is altered in any way this will void all warranties. We will allow the item to be hard wired into place provided that all works are carried out by a Registered Electrician. If the item needs to be returned to us under warranty for repair or replacement a replacement plug must be attached prior to returning the item along with a copy of the Electricians Certificate of Compliance.

Note :

 ½” to 1 1/4” = 13mm to 32mm

1” to 1 ½” = 26mm to 38mm