Pondline Fog Maker with LED Lights


Low voltage humidifier producing fine particles of water by ultrasonic vibrations
Features and Benefits
* Increases humidity in enclosures.
* Reptile and amphibian safe.
* Low voltage for added safety

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Pondline Fog Maker with LED Lights

Pondline Fog Maker with LED Lights – Humidity is an important environmental factor for amphibians and many reptiles due to their methods of moisture intake.

*Increases humidity with super fine water particles
*Reptile and amphibian safe
*Low Voltage for added safety
*Operating temp:+5C to +45C, Min water depth 50mm, 24V
*Complete with 12 LED lights Red, Blue and Amber (purple light is not included)

LED light colours are Red, Amber and Blue these change colour automatically and alternate between the variety of colours on their own and combined with the other colours

Size: Single Head
Includes: Transformer & LED Lights
Measurements: 40Øx56Hmm
LED Lights: 12
Voltage: 24v
Wattage: 12w
Water Depth: high 50mm
Volume: 400ml/h

Fog Makers are great for indoor or sheltered outdoor water features, displays, school projects and hot houses where constant moisture is required. They create the mist by slowly evaporating water, so must be in a body of water to work.