Nutrafin Max Turtle Gammarus Pellets

Nutrafin Max Turtle Gammarus Pellets



A complete food for turtles and many reptiles and amphibians. Rich in calcium to prevent shell softening in turtles. Floating Pellets

A complete food formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of turtles, many reptiles and amphibians.

Gammarus is a calcium-rich natural ingredient, benficial in promoting healthy turtle shells.
Processed with a state-of-the-art extrusion technique, the pellets are tender and highly digestible.
Low phosphorus content helps minimizes algae blooms in the aquarium.
Multi-vitamin supplements, including vitamin D3, ensure optimum growth, health and disease resistance.
Contains P.D.P. (Pre-Digested Plankton) which quickly enhances colors and is easily digested.

Guaranteed Analysis

 Minimum  %  Maximum  %
 Crude Protein 38  Crude Fiber 4
 Crude Fat 5  Moisture 8