Nutrafin Max Goldfish Colour Enhancing Pellets


A colour enhancing pellet for Goldfish. It’s the only food that has the highest quality ingredients, scientific breakthroughs in added nutrients & waste reduction,& thorough quality assurance certification programme


Nutrafin Max Goldfish Colour Enhancing Pellets

Nutrafin Max Goldfish Colour Enhancing Pellets is a nutritious highly palatable formula naturally coloured by its ingredients and featuring natural colour enhancers. It also includes spirulina for an excellent source of unique proteins as well as various pigments, a new natural binder that supports digestive conditions, multi-vitamins and Advanced Yeast Extract (pre-biotics) for digestive system support and more for the ulitmate in tropical fish nutrition.

Specially formulated to enhance colors for goldfish, koi and many other coldwater fish species.

Low phosphorus content helps minimize algae blooms in the aquarium.

Contains P.D.P. (Pre-Digested Plankton) which quickly enhances colors and is easily digested.

Multi-vitamin supplements ensure optimum growth and disease resistance.

Guaranteed Analysis

 Minimum  %  Maximum  %
 Crude Protein  34  Crude Fiber 3
 Crude Fat 5  Moisture 8
 Phosphorus 0.6  Phosphorus 0.9
     Ash 8

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