Marina 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery

Marina 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery


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A safe floating haven for livebearing fish and fry

– Has two enclosed areas for livebearing fish

– Bottom compartment safely collects and protects falling fry

Marina 2 in 1 Fish Hatchery

The MARINA 2 in 1 fish hatchery is ideal to breed and raise fish in community aquariums. You first place your pregnant fish on the inside, the slotted bottom partition will allow newly-born fry to fall through and away from mother to the safety of the bottom chambre. By placing in the center divider, two pregnant fish can be kept at once. The MARINA 2 in 1 can also double as a safe-house for wounded fish or to segregate aggressive fish.

widest point 20.8 cm bottom 13.5cm top 16cm for tank bit and 10cm tall

Suitable for:
Llivebearers such as Swordtails, Plattys, Guppies & Mollies
Egglayers (Fry Only)
Egg Scatterers (Fry Only)
Mouth Brooders (Fry Only)

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