Juwel High-Lite Marine Light Tube*

Juwel High-Lite Marine Light Tube*


* Superb light output
* Powerful penetrating white light
* Accentuates natural fish colours
* Colour replicates reef environment

The intensity of the sun around coral reefs is very high. To attempt to replicate this intensity with fluorescent tubes it is necessary to achieve the highest lumen output and the correct spectrum.

Many white lamps are unable to provide the necessary levels of light output combined with the correct colour to really enhance and enliven the appearance of the marine aquarium.

The Marine lamp has a colour temperature of 9,500K (Kelvin) and an exceptional lumen output combined with very good colour rendition. The tri-phosphor formulation provides consistent long life and stability of output at these high levels of performance.

These factors make it the ideal choice for the serious marine aquarist, with excellent levels of light throughout the aquarium and extraordinary clarity for viewing the constantly changing marine environment.

A high proportion of light energy is concentrated in the area between 400 and 480nm, which also assists in the promotion of zooxanthellae production to encourage coral and invertebrate growth.

The other peaks across the spectrum allow the true, vibrant and natural colours of the fish, corals and invertebrates to be enhanced and to really stand out.

To really achieve the best results for marine aquariums, we recommend the combination of Marine White and Marine Blue  lamps.This will provide the benefits of excellent light output levels coupled with the correct spectrum to support

symbiotic algae,allowing good growth of the corals and invertebrates whilst greatly improving the overall lighting and appearance of the aquarium, with fluorescent effects as well.