Juwel AquaHeat Pro Heater 300W

Juwel AquaHeat Pro Heater 300W


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The Juwel Aqua Heat Pro Heater 300 watt offers reliability, accuracy and precision. Built by the experts of aquarium manufacturing, the device for tanks up to 450 litres ensures correctly maintained temperatures of up to 28˚C. 

Also has a built in heater guard!

Compatible with many branded aquariums, the professionally designed heater fits beautifully into the tank with a 240cm cable length for versatile use. The Juwel AquaHeat Pro Heater 300W offers a range of current features to provide a flawless and highly reliable performance.

Can be housed in any aquarium with the included suction cups, or can easily be fitted into the correct Juwel Filter System.

Cutting edge technology: The Juwel Heater 300W uses heat-resistant borosilicate glass combined with shock-proof innovation to provide reliability and safety.

Adjustable heaters: TUV and GS certified, the Juwel adjustable heater meet the highest standards in both functionality and efficiency.

Even distribution of heat: The Juwel Aqua Heat Pro Heater 300W is compatible with Juwel Aquarium Filter Systems where the heater itself remains out of sight, tucked away inside the a discreet filter casing. The heater is effortlessly integrated into the water circulation of the Bioflow filter system.

Compact design: The discreet and highly compact sizing of the Juwel Heater 300W allow for an out-of-sight finish.

The Juwel AquaHeat Pro 300w is compatible with standard aquariums but specifically for the following Juwel Aquarium Models:-

Juwel Rio 180, 240, 350, 450
Juwel Vision 260, Vision 450
Juwel Trigon 350

At a Glance:

For tanks up to 300 litres

Discreet filter casing

TUV and GS certified

Heat-resistant borosilicate glass

Maintains correct temperature levels safely and efficiently

Adjustable heaters

Diameter 30mm

Length 375mm

Power: 300 watt

Cable length 240cm