Jebo Glass Heater 300W

Jebo Glass Heater 300W


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For aquariums up to 300L. Glass heater complete with built in thermostat that reads both celsius & farrenheight. Temperature range from 20 – 32 degress celsius.

Our pet fish originate from all over the globe and water temperatures vary immensely in their native environments. To be able to keep fish in an environment which is condusive with their natural habitat, we mostly will need to increase water temperature above normal room temperature.

The Jebo 300 watt heater is suitalble for aquariums up to 300L. 

High quality and economical heaters

Fully submersible with double insulation

Heater thermostat with easy to use temperature settings

Easy to read temperature guide

Automatic shut off and on light

Suitable for marine and tropical aquariums