JBL Spawning Cave 761501

JBL Spawning Cave 761501


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JBL Spwaning cave for freshwater aquarium fish, Diameter: 115 mm, height: 125 mm

JBL Spawning Cave 761501

JBL Spawning Cave 761501. A Cave made of fired clay providing the ideal location for all cave-spawning aquarium fish such as dwarf cichlids, catfish etc. Also a favorite hiding place for many aquarium fish outside the breeding season.

Diameter: 115 mm, height: 125 mm

If required can be easily disguised by attaching moss/ferns

Suitable for: Coldwater & Freshwater Tropical

Ideal for Breeding Fish Such As

Keyhole Cichlids
Microgeophagus Ramarizi
Bolivian Butterfly Rams

Tips on Increasing Spawn Yields

If you are not getting many fry from your breeding pair spawns, then try some of these tips below to hopefully help maximize your spawn yields.

Keep Breeder Tank Super Clean – It’s important to keep your breeder aquarium very clean. Wipe down all the sides and surfaces when doing a water change. Try to do at least two 25% water changes during the week. Clean water will reduce the chances of bad bacteria or fungus killing your discus spawn. Keep your filters clean as well.

Add Methylene Blue – Adding Methylene Blue to your discus breeding tank after they’ve finished spawning will help protect the eggs from bacteria and fungus. Just remember that methylene blue will probably stain the silicon seals in your glass aquarium.

Treat Pair For Gill Flukes – If your discus fry starts dying when they are pea size, they probably have gill flukes. Treat the discus breeding tank for gill flukes with Praziquantel