JBL Nobilfluid Artemia 50ml 730881

JBL Nobilfluid Artemia 50ml 730881


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Liquid Breeding diet containing brine shrimp

Instructions for use
JBL NobilFluid is an ultra-fine, homogenised liquid rearing feed for the tiny young fish of egg-laying breeds which are still too small for artemia nauplia or other feed of a similar size.

JBL NobilFluid contains high-quality proteins as nutrients, fats and carbohydrates for energy, as well as fibres. An additional multivitamin complex provides the young fry with vital vitamins and promotes healthy growth.

Shake before use. Do not feed young fish fry until they swim freely and their yolk sac is used up. Live-bearing species must be fed immediately after birth. The feed quantity depends on number and size of the young fish and is only a general guide: about 10 to 15 drops given three or four times a day are normally sufficient for a schoal of about 100 young fish. Filters should be switched off briefly during feeding.
As the fish grow in size, the feed can be changed to NovoTom and/or NovoTemia.