JBL ProNovo Color Click Grano M 250ml

JBL ProNovo Color Click Grano M 250ml


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  • Prebiotic staple food
  • Tested under real conditions
  • With special dietary fibre
  • With handy click-doser
  • Package contents: original sealed, air- and light-tight, recyclable tin with click doser as feeding aid

JBL ProNovo Color Grano M is a prebiotic aquarium staple food in size S for all ornamental fish from 8 to 20 cm.
With the special species concept for ornamental fish from JBL, natural food can be fed targeted in an optimal composition. The granules with exclusively natural raw materials and no artificial additives ensure a particularly healthy diet and therefore a high level of acceptance, even with rather fussy species. High-quality ingredients such as salmon, squid and krill provide important nutrients and minerals. Special dietary fibres in the food provide nourishment for the beneficial intestinal bacteria. This ensures a healthy digestion of the feed. In addition, the high-quality and natural astaxanthin from krill and spirulina, ensures magnificent colour formation in many ornamental fish species.

The right feed size:
An important aspect of feeding is the right size of food for the mouth. Especially with smaller fish species, it is important that the animals get the food morsels into their mouths, as they cannot bite off properly. In case of uncertainty, the small granulate size is more recommended. This can reduce stress and food envy.

Granulate or flake food?
Which type of food is the right one can often only be found out by trial and error. Some fish prefer flakes, others only like granules. However, many automatic feeders only work with granules. If the fish are to be accustomed to a different diet, it is always advisable to proceed carefully and in good time.

About garlic: Fish, of course, are not familiar with garlic from their habitats. But observations we made during the JBL expeditions in the South American Pantanal showed that fish reject underwater plants and prefer to jump out of the water to eat the apparently tastier leaves of the bushes and trees at the water’s edge! These contain more flavour than the “slimy” underwater leaves. This is exactly the effect that adding garlic achieves.


  • Salmon meal
  • Rice meal
  • Soy bean meal
  • Wheat meal
  • Krill meal
  • Shrimp meal
  • Wheat gluten
  • Wheat germs
  • Apple fibre
  • Yeast extract
  • Beetroot
  • Crude protein (40 %)
  • Crude fat (8 %)
  • Crude fibre (3 %)
  • Crude ash (8 %)