JBL ProNovo Botia

JBL ProNovo Botia


  • Staple food in tablet form
  • Tested under real conditions
  • Fast sinking
  • For loaches from 1 – 20 cm

JBL ProNovo Botia Tab M is a staple food in tablet form, in size M, for the aquarium. For all loaches from 1 to 20 cm.
With the special species concept for ornamental fish from JBL, targeted, natural food can be fed in an optimum composition, appropriate to the species. The food tablets consist exclusively of natural raw materials and contain no artificial additives. This ensures a particularly healthy diet and, accordingly, a high level of acceptance. High-quality ingredients such as salmon, spirulina and shrimps provide important nutrients and minerals.

Bottom-oriented fish look for their food at the bottom. Fast-sinking food tablets are therefore ideal for them. Sinking granulate food also reaches the bottom after a short time, but this is often only the case when too much food has been fed. It, therefore, makes sense to feed the free-swimming and bottom-dwelling fish species separately.

The food tablets are simply sunk. The food sinks quickly to the bottom and can thus be easily eaten by bottom-oriented animals. Feeding several different types of tablets simultaneously is not a problem and is even recommended. It is possible to feed JBL ProNovo Corydoras Tabs for Corydoras in combination with ProNovo Botia Tab M for Loaches. This ensures variety and yet a species-appropriate diet.