JBL NovoFect*

JBL NovoFect*


Tablet food for herbivorous (plant-eating) fish, Food tablets attach to the glass of the aquarium, Plant fibre promotes good digestion,
Contains 6 % spirulina algae, Free of water-polluting bonding agents

JBL NovoFect

Tablet food for herbivorous (plant-eating) fish.
Food tablets attach to the glass of the aquarium.
Plant fibre promotes good digestion.
Contains 6 % spirulina algae.
Free of water-polluting bonding agents

JBL NovoFect meets the specific feeding requirements of vegetarian ground-feeding fish and fish of the middle water levels with a specially balanced mixture including a high vegetable content: vegetables, cereals, vegetable by-products, fish and fish by-products, yeast, vegetable protein extracts, algae as well as crustacea. Attaching the tablet to the inside surface of the aquarium tank meets the requirements of fish feeding in the middle water levels. Simply allowing a few tablets sink to the bottom of the aquarium provides sisorid catfish and other vegetarian ground-feeding fish with feed in a way which suits their natural feeding habits. Essential plant fibres and vital vitamins as well as the bioelement Inosite guarantee healthy growth, an intact digestive system and increased resistance to disease. The feed can be given several times a day, in small portions which can be consumed within a few minutes. Staple food; coloured with E-additives. With antioxidant E306 (natural vitamin E extracts)

Crude protein 35%
Crude fat 2%
Crude fibre 6.5%
Crude ash 12%
Vitamin A 21.000 i. E.
Vitamin D3 2.000 i. E.
Vitamin E 300 mg
Vitami C (stab) 340 mg
Inosit 400 mg