Hot House Turtle Food Frozen

Hot House Turtle Food Frozen


Please Note: All frozen food is sent with an ice pack in a polystyrene box. Unfortunately as we have no control over courier delivery times or other factors such as the temperature of the weather, there are cases where your order may show up defrosted. We do not guarantee your order will arrive frozen however we will do our best. All frozen food is sent at risk to the customer. Please keep this in mind when placing your order.

In the event of your frozen food arriving defrosted, 99% of the time it is safe to refreeze and use.

Hot House Turtle Food Frozen


Hot House Turtle Food Frozen is easy to feed, isn’t smelly, and won’t foul the water.

In general, turtles will eat the equivalent of twice the size of their head each day.

Simply drop a cube of Hot House Turtles food into your turtle tank, it will begin to thaw instantly, and should immediately be eaten. When feeding hatchlings we suggest that you cut the cubes in half when the food is frozen and then feed as per above.

Hollywood Fish Farm ships all frozen food at the full risk of the customer and will not be held liable for any losses of your frozen food item in transit