Hailea Filter RP500

Hailea Filter RP500


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Hailea Filter RP500 Power Filter

Hailea Filter RP500 Power Filter – For aquariums: 150-300 litres
Flow: 300-540 lph
Power: 7w
Size: 234 x 84 x 63 mm (H x W x D)

The aquarium equipment manufacturer Hailea has focused its R & D department on the development of hobby equipment.
The result is internal filters of the RP series with a large volume of filter materialflow regulation and a spray tube at the outlet.
RP filters are equipped with a spray attachment that regulates the flow through the filter and thus oxygenates the water level in the aquarium.

2 stages of filtration:
• biological – by converting organic compounds containing nitrogen into nitrides and subsequently into nitrites, it creates colonies of beneficial bacteria
• chemical – activated carbon

The filter can be installed in a horizontal or vertical position to a depth of max. 1 m.
We recommend an installation with an outlet close to the water surface, when a beneficial light circulation of water is achieved, facilitating the suction of waste substances at the bottom.
For better oxygenation and aeration of the water, connect an aeration device.

The specially designed filter canister is easy to remove, clean and maintain.
The sponge is combined with activated carbon to provide crystal clear water.
With Swivel Outlet spray bar and adjustable flow rate