Glass Lily Pipe

Glass Lily Pipe


  • Lily Shape
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Suitable for Freshwater & Marine Tanks
  • Visually appealing

Say goodbye to ugly equipment for good! These Lily pipes are perfect for planted tanks.

Made from high-quality Borosilicate glass, these aquarium lily pipes provide a visually appealing clean look along with beautiful clarity that is scratch resistant.

These Glass Lily Pipes can be used in both planted tanks and saltwater marine setups.

Setup is simple and straightforward with multiple sizes to suit your aquarium filters – 12/6mm and 16/22mm.

This set is perfect for anyone who’s looking to remove their distracting filtration equipment from the view of their aquarium layout. Lily pipes will help to provide consistent flow to all areas of an aquarium and prevent water from stagnating, the broad opening results in gentle surface movement and water flow.