For Glass and Acrylic Tanks Up to 1/2″ (12mm) Thickness

Give Yourself The Edge – The Most Advanced Handheld Aquarium Cleaner Ever Made!
FLOAT. FLIP. SCRUB. & SCRAPE. Now with TWICE the cleaning power! FLiPPER Aquarium Products’ patented 2-in-1 magnetic aquarium cleaner, now with dual blades, FLiPS from Scrubber to Scraper simply by rotating its handle. Complete aquarium cleaning without ever getting your hands wet! A “must-have” cleaning tool for advanced aquarium hobbyists and maintenance professionals!  
Designed For Glass and Acrylic Tanks Up to 12mm Thick

Flipper Edge (Standard) Features:

– New Dual Blade Design For More Efficient Cleaning!
– Interchangeable Stainless Steel and Plastic Blades for Stubborn Algae Removal and Safer Scraping Near Silicone.
– New 316 Stainless Steel Blade Has a More Precise Edge Design for Flawless Scraping.
– Reversible Blades Give you Twice the Normal Blade Life!
– New Acrylic Safe Plastic Blades with the Option to Use a Flat or Serrated Edge.
– Includes (2) Stainless Steel & (2) Acrylic Safe Plastic Blades.
– Custom Cut Your Own Blades Using Old Gift / Credit Cards.
– FLOATS to the Surface if the Cleaner Ever Becomes Disconnected.
– Ergonomic GRIP/FLIP Handle for Easy FL!PPING from Scrubber to Scraper.
– Made with Rare Earth Magnets for Incredible Cleaning Strength and Durability.
– Cleans Even the Most Stubborn Coralline Algae.

Replacement Blades Available.

FLiPPER Aquarium Products’ Carry a Full Line of FLiPPER Aquarium Cleaners.. Choose the FLiPPER Model and Size Best Suited for Your Tank!
– Nano Float: Glass Tanks Up to 1/4″ (6mm)
 Standard Edge:  Up to 1/2″ (12mm)
 Max Edge: Up to 1″ (24mm)

– Flipping Works Best in Areas of the Tank with Low Water Currents.
– Flip at the Top of the Tank Near the Water Surface.
– Be Cautious Using Metal Blade Near Gravel Line or Aquarium Glass Sealant.
– Magnets are Strong! Avoid Pinching Fingers!
– Do Not Place FL!PPER Next to Cell Phones Nor Electric Equipment.