Exo Terra Jungle Vine PT3086

Exo Terra Jungle Vine PT3086


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* Natural feel & look

* Bendable, twistable terrarium climbers look & feel like vines!

* Create a 3-dimensional reptile environment for healthy activity

* Waterproof décor ideal for arboreal reptile & amphibian habitats

Take arboreal exploration to new heights! Exo Terra Jungle Vine makes it simple to create stimulating and realistic environments. Bendable, twistable vine holds their shape in any exciting terrarium configuration you can imagine. Lifelike waterproof décor features a bark-like texture for grippable, climbable surfaces that maximize usable space within any herptile habitat.

Combine for more realistic variations in climbing surfaces, replicating tropical vines at different stages of growth. Twist together vines of different sizes for a stunning 3-D habitat. Perfect for herptile habitats with snakes, geckos, iguanas, chameleons, tree frogs, or other climbing reptiles and amphibians.

SIze 2m x 15mm

Reptiles are susceptible to skin and bacterial infections if cages and housing are not kept scrupulously clean. Their fecal matter carries bacteria, such as Salmonella, that can also contaminate humans. Terrariums, furnishings, and the cleaning equipment itself need to be regularly cleaned as well as periodically disinfected and sterilized.

Remove the contents from your terrarium. The best products for cleaning your herp’s habitat are those specifically designed to be herp-safe. Otherwise, use plain soap and water or mild dishwashing detergent carefully diluted. Be sure to rinse all surfaces with hot water until all suds are gone, and do not use any products that contain phenol or pine scent. After washing, you must also disinfect and sterilize all surfaces with chlorine or ammonia. However, both chlorine and ammonia are highly toxic to your herp, so exercise absolute care to remove all residues before replacing your pet in its newly cleaned home. Be sure to thoroughly clean all equipment, sponges, buckets, and sinks to prevent cross-contamination. To minimize the danger of Salmonella infection, wear gloves and protective eyewear as you clean your reptile’s enclosure.