Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed 1KG

Evolution Aqua Stop Blanket Weed 1KG


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Maintains crystal clear and healthy water

Treats up to 10,000L

Eradicates blanket weed in ponds

STOP Blanketweed is an effective treatment of filamentous algae, commonly known as blanket weed in ornamental and garden ponds. Blanket weed is one of the most hated problems of pond keeping and a nuisance to everyone as it makes your pond unsightly, blocks filters, pumps and pipes. STOP Blanketweed is a unique product which will successfully eradicate blanket weed when used as instructed.

Dosage Instructions

• Apply 30 grams (one scoop) of powder per 900 litres / 198 gallons of water.
• Mix the powder thoroughly with pond water in a suitable clean container.
• Now distribute this mixture evenly over the pond surface.
• Add this dose once per week until the blanket weed has gone, usually after 3 weeks.
• One or two additional doses may be needed in some ponds.
• Continue to dose once a month to prevent the blanket weed returning.

• If water temperature is below 8°C, treatment efficiency is reduced.

Common Questions:

I haven’t got a filter can I still use pure?

Evolution Aqua Blanketweed is most effective in ponds with moving water, from a pump, filter, fountain or waterfall, and strong surface agitation, or aeration from an airpump and airstone is recommended.

Do I need to turn of my UV?

UV clarifiers do not need to be turned off when using Evolution Aqua Blanketweed

Should I remove any blanketweek prior to dosing? 

Remove as much blanketweed as possible before dosing the pond with the treatment, after you have added the treatment leave for 5 days before removing as much excess weed as possible. Continue removing the weed frequently until the pond is stabilized and the weed is under control.

Will it turn my water cloudy?

Evolution Aqua Blanketweed will turn pond water white and cloudy for up to five days, but water will clear.