Eheim Classic 600 2217 Canister Filter


The Eheim 600 2217 classic canister filter is one of the best filters available on the NZ market and is suitable for an aquarium up to 600 L (depending on stocking level).

Eheim Classic 600 2217 Canister Filter

Eheim Classic 600 2217 Canister Filter – Why pay up to $550 elsewhere? Our price just $350.50

Technical data
Aq. size up to approx l             600
Pump output approx I/h          1000
Del.head approx Hmax m       2.3
Power consumption W            20
Canister volume l                     6.6
Filter volume approx cm3        6
Dimensions HxWxD mm         205 x 400

Complete with fine & course filter sponges, Efhimech (pre-filter) & Efhisubstrat (biological media)
Back wash
Proven technology

EHEIM filters are made from the best materials, precise workmanship and extensive know-how that guarantees top quality, reliability, and durability.

EHEIM has contributed greatly to the popularity of aquariums throughout the world more than 40 years ago, with the invention of the first aquarium suction filter (canister filter) by the engineer Gunther Eheim. By doing this, he created better conditions for the hobby. Constant good water quality for longer period of time and easier maintenance increasingly makes aquarium an attractive piece of interior furniture in many households.

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