EcoPond Barley-Bio Algae Control 250ml

EcoPond Barley-Bio Algae Control 250ml


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A natural algae control product which uses micro-organisms to starve algae of the nutrients it needs to grow.

Ecopond Barley-bio Algae Control contains micro-organisms specifically selected for their ability to control algae by starving it of nutrients and changing the water chemistry to inhibit its growth.  It can be used to treat blanket weed and green water.  We recommend removing as much filamentous algae (blanket weed) as possible before dosing.  Regular use will prevent re-growth.  A 250 ml bottle will treat a 4,500 litre pond for approximately 6 weeks.

Dosage: Initial dose 125 mls per 4,500 litres  Maintenance dose: 20-40 mls per 4,500 litres weekly thereafter. 

For smaller ponds: a minimum initial dose of 70 mls followed by a minimum maintenance dose of 10 mls per week should be applied.

Barley-bio Algae Control can be used in all types of ponds and is harmless to wildlife and pets.