XLarge: Approx 50 – 60cm

Large: Approx 30 – 50CM

Med: Approx 15 – 20CM


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XLarge: Approx 50-60cm
Large: Approx 30-50cm
Med: Approx 15-20cm

Malaysian driftwood is a popular choice among aquarium enthusiasts seeking to create a natural and captivating aquatic environment.

Sourced from Malaysia’s rich tropical forests, this type of driftwood is prized for its distinctive and intricate shapes, often featuring gnarled roots, twists, and unique textures.

When placed in aquariums, Malaysian driftwood not only adds an appealing aesthetic with its earthy tones but also serves practical purposes.

The wood provides shelter, hiding spots, and climbing surfaces for aquarium inhabitants, fostering a more enriching habitat.
Furthermore, Malaysian driftwood may release tannins into the water, contributing to a slight tint that replicates the conditions of some natural aquatic environments.

With its natural beauty and functional benefits, Malaysian driftwood has become a favored choice for aquarists looking to enhance both the visual appeal and the overall well-being of their underwater ecosystems.