CO2 Art CO2 Resistant Aquarium Tubing 3M

CO2 Art CO2 Resistant Aquarium Tubing 3M


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  • 4/6mm
  • Suitable for high-pressure applications
  • Polyurethane, Clear
  • 3 metres, pre-packaged

Premium quality CO2 resistant polyurethane tubing designed by CO2 Art – 4/6mm.

With safety in mind, this excellent CO2 resistant tubing stands out because of its high-quality Polyurethane material and its immense resistance to high-pressure. Stay away from flimsy, cheap tubing that are made of the wrong materials. With these tubing you will never have to worry about them turning brittle and leaking CO2 after a short period of time. With the right maintenance, these tubings are rated for up to 30 years of use!

These tubings are compatible with all CO2 regulators and diffusers and are rated for high-pressure applications. Thanks to this accessory, CO2 will not escape, and every last drop of CO2 will be put to efficient use.

NB: To attach our tubing to CO2 glassware, dip the end of the tube in boiling water for 4 seconds. Wet the tip of the glassware,then simply push carefully onto the glassware. Should you feel resistance, remove and dip the tube again a bit longer in the boiling water.