Chihiros ECO Ping AIO Terrarium

Chihiros ECO Ping AIO Terrarium


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  • Small plant terrarium
  • Teardrop shaped glass
  • Cover with lighting
  • For small, exotic plants
  • Setting via “My Chihiros App”

The ECO Ping by Chihiros is a small and compact terrarium for terrascapes with high-quality lighting integrated into the lid for optimal plant growth conditions. A wide variety of habitats can be recreated in this drop-shaped glass or rare and sensitive plants can be cultivated.

Thanks to the sloping glass, water additions and condensation are led directly to the bottom. Therefore, both emersed aquatic plants, e.g. in the form of a wabikusa, and terrarium plants such as orchids can be kept in it. In addition, the shape provides a nice view into the terrascape and offers a good base for soil and decoration.

8 RGB and 24 white LEDs are integrated in the lid. These can be controlled individually with the “My Chihiros App” so that the selected plants can thrive in the respective optimally set lighting conditions. The mixture of RGB and white LEDs also ensures a pleasant light colour; the intensity can be adjusted up to 450 lumens. This allows the EcoPing to be placed in any location – even in dark rooms or corners – without the viewer having to worry about the well-being of the plants.
In addition to the LED lighting, passive ventilation is integrated in the cover. Spiral-shaped slots ensure both cooling of the LED lighting and optimal gas exchange inside the ECO Ping. This prevents mould from accumulating condensation and excessive humidity.

Helically incorporated ventilation slots for cooling the lighting and for gas exchange inside the ECO Ping

The ECO Ping brings a unique piece of nature into every conceivable space. It provides an optimal environment for delicate and rare plants such as bromeliads, orchids and many other species with special requirements or even emersed aquatic plants.

Technical Data

Chihiros ECO Ping
Power consumption8 W
Luminous flux450 lm
LED RGB8 pieces
LED White24 pieces


Chihiros ECO Ping
Diameter216 mm
Height295 mm
Volume6,1 l
Diameter lid90 mm
Height lid24 mm