Blue Planet U View Purifier Mini – 3 watt Green Killing Machine

Blue Planet U View Purifier Mini – 3 watt Green Killing Machine


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Makes fighting green water easier. UV radiation is effective in controlling bacteria, yeast, molds, and other pathogens, in turn controlling algae growth. Internal UV with built in pump!! For aquariums up to 80L

Water flows in direct contact with the UV lamp, intensifying its function of fighting green water. In addition, it can be hidden behind ornaments in your aquarium, cutting back on tubing around your tank.

“This UV Sterilizer is so simple!! You just put it in the aquarium and plug it in. My reef aquarium was green with algae and within 3 days it was crystal clear, and I didn’t have to pay hundreds like some other sterilizers”

– Water pump included
– Simple 1-2-3 installation
– Submersible assembly
– No extenral pipes or plumbing
– Suction cup mounting – no hardware required
– LED signals need for UV Bulb replacement
– Electrically ChildSafe 12V low voltage design
– Zigzag flow designs for maximum sterilizing time
– Unique Patent Pending Technology
– Filtration pump 200L/Hr and sponge inclusive
– Treats up to 80L of saltwater & fresh water aquariums

The Blue Planet UView Aquarium Purifier uses ultra violet light to neutralise germs in your fish tank. No, it’s not a sun bed for your fish! And you don’t have to worry about your fish needing to slip, slop, slap. You’ll simply have crystal clear, polished aquarium water thanks to the natural, chemical free cleansing power of the sun.

The clever design can be fully immersed in your aquarium, so the water can pass through the special chamber encasing the UV light. It’ll even let you know when the bulb needs changing! So while you can’t see the light, you know it’s working hard to keep your fish ship-shape.

Approx size: 190mm H x 60mm W