Arcadia D3+ 7% UVB Compact Bulb 23w

Arcadia D3+ 7% UVB Compact Bulb 23w


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This lamp now boasts 7% UV-B and 30% UV-A

As with the D3 reptile tube, this lamp has been designed to satisfy the U.V. requirements of reptiles which rely on skin synthesis of Vitamin D3 – 7%, It is a single ended lamp, with a standard E27 screw fitting, which can be used in a small vivarium, where installation of a tube may not be convenient, to provide complete illumination. Alternatively, it can be used in a medium to large vivarium to create a basking area within the enclosure. In either case, using the Arcadia Compact reflector, will maximise the light output.

This 23Watt energy saving lamp, actually has an output equivalent to a regular bulb of 120Watts, and does not require the use of a ballasted controller, as in the case of regular fluorescent tubes.

Arcadia D3+ 12% UVB Compact Bulb 23W

New & Updated!

– This lamp now boasts 7% UV-B and 30% UV-A

– It has updated UV-C blocking glass

– Updated German phosphors of the latest design

– More balanced spectrum and higher output

– Improved electronics

The Arcadia Compact Lamps are designed specifically for the small to medium sized vivarium, and can be used with the Arcadia Lamp Reflector Domes or the Ceramic Pro holder.

These lamps need no external ballast, and are standard screw fittings. The 7% are longer than most compact bulbs, and will not fit in the same way as some smaller compact bulbs of other brands.

Suitable for Leopard Geckos

High output for the synthesis of Vitamin D3, ideal for all desert species of reptiles.

Size: 7% 23w