Arcadia LumenIZE Link Cable T5 to T5

Arcadia LumenIZE Link Cable T5 to T5


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  • Improved cable management
  • Compatible with the LumenIZE app
  • Link up to 10 units with one power source

Arcadia LumenIZE Link Cable T5 to T5 – Link any Arcadia LumenIZE ProT5 to another LumenIZE ProT5 unit

What is the Arcadia LumenIZE Link Cable?

The Arcadia LumenIZE Link Cables are designed to easily connect up to 10 units from a single power source. Each cable measures approximately 1.2m/48 inches. Once connected, you can control your lighting equipment remotely using the free LumenIZE app, available to download for both iOS and Android.

Key Features

  • Control up to 10 devices from a single cable
  • Improved cable management system
  • IP65 water resistant power cable
  • Convenient and efficient control over your lighting equipment
  • Reduce the need for multiple power sources

What are the advantages of the LumenIZE Link cable?

Using the available range of LumenIZE Link cables, adding extra lamps is made easy. No additional wall sockets are required, allowing you to run multiple Light devices from one power source. This will not disrupt your existing set-up. Setting up the LumenIZE Link cable will not disrupt your personalised Light configurations. Each lamp is controlled using an internal memory, which is set-up via the app. Therefore, each light unit linked in the chain can have a different programme of function.

Multiple link cables available

Shop the entire range of LumenIZE Link Cables, giving you the opportunity to link from T5 to T5, T5 to LED and LED to LED. Simply choose your preferred cable option from the drop-down menu, ensuring the compatible Link cable has been selected to suit your requirements.

Kindly note: LumenIZE Link cables are designed for use with LumenIZE enabled kits only, and cannot be used with fixed voltage non- LumenIZE enabled kits.