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Aqua One Silk Plant Orange Sword 29075


Approx 30cm

Aqua One Silk Plant Orange Sword 29075

Approx 30cm

Tough, durable and unique, there’s a huge range of plant types and colours to choose from, to cover all tropical and marine aquarium setups.

◾ Very natural appearance
◾ Suits any aquarium
◾ Zero maintenance
◾ Great for smaller fish to hide in

Easy to maintain Aquarium Decor

If like so many other fish keepers you have discovered that keeping both a good stock of fish and a good stock of plants can be very hard work not to mention expensive then good quality synthetic plants are for you.

Plants like these last ages, look good and are totally accepted by every variety of fish on the planet. Their colours and forms are modelled upon real aquarium plants so you wont find any silly colours or fantasy shapes here. But you will find long lasting, natural plants which will make your set up look great and cause you zero effort and heartache.




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