Marine Live Stock Albany Store

Marine Live Stock Albany Store

Marine Live Stock Albany Store

Please contact us via phone call or email for availability, please note live stock items may change on a daily basis – this list is updated weekly.

We are currently working on having our live stock available to purchase directly online – this will be ready soon!

Because we care about the well being about our live stock, we want to make sure we can organise this to be as easy and safe as possible for both you as the customer, and most importantly the fish! This takes time to make sure we have the right systems in place, and that we take the upmost care in getting fish shipped in a safe manner.

Each of our fish can be purchased in store or via email / Facebook messenger and shipping is available New Zealand wide. 

Call or message us to check availability! 



Rusty Angel $159.99


Butterfly Fish

Kleins Butterfly $139.99

Yellowtail Vermiculated Angelfish $139.99



Banggai Cardinal $99.99



Extreme Snow Onyx Platinum Clown $250.00

Goldbar Maroon Clown $99.99

Ocellaris Fullbar $89.99

Ocellaris Misbar (Orange & White) $69.99

Platinum Perc $330.00 per Pair

Sebae Clownfish $120.00


Foxface / Rabbitfish

Double Barred Rabbitfish $139.99

Foxface $169.99

Magnificent Foxface $299.99


Gobies & Blennies

Pink and Blue Spotted Goby $149.99

Watchman Goby $139.99

Yellow Coral Goby $139.99



Dwarf Hawkfish $129.99


Puffers & Boxfish


Tangs & Surgeonfish

Mimic Tang $179.99

Sailfin Tang $169.99




Misc Fish

Bannerfish $169.99


Snails & Starfish & Crabs & Shrimp



Armour of God Paly $69.99

Blue Mushrooms sml $49.99 Med $59.99

Branching Torch (LPS) 2 heads $169.99

Branching Torch (LPS) 1 head $99.99

Bubble Coral $

Cabbage Leather $49.99

Carpet Xenia $45.00

Devils finger Leather $59.99

Duncan (LPS) $169.99

Elephant Ear Mushroom $69.99

Finger Leather $69.99

Flowerpot $

Galaxy Star Polyps (Purple) $45.00

Galaxy Star Polyps (Green) $45.00

Green Hammer $

Green Mushroom $59.99

Green Kenya Tree $59.99

Green Fly Trap Paly $49.99

Gorgonian $59.99

Hawaiian People Eater/Armour of God Mix Paly $69.99

Kenya Tree Leather $109.99

Leather Frag $29.99

Mixed Paly $49.99

Orange Mushroom $49.99

Organ Pipe $

Photosynthetic Gorgonian $59.99

Plating Montipora (Green) $59.99

Plating Montipora (Red) $69.99

Planet SPS (Green) $89.99

Red Mushroom $59.99

Rhodactis Mushroom – Multi Colour $59.99

Toxic Green Acropora (SPS) $89.99

White Centre Paly $49.99

Zoa Disc (Green) $89.99

Zoa Frag $59.99

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