Maintanence of your Solar Pump

Maintanence of your Solar Pump – How to clean your impellor and check your shaft

Opening the cover
Slide the impellor cover from the motor to expose the impellor, sponge and shaftOpening the cover

Cover open
Remove the sponge and rinse clean. Do not wring out the spongeCover open

Removing impellor cover
Rotate the impellor cover counter clockwise and separate from the motor carefully as not to damage the shaftRemoving impellor cover

Impellor and shaft
Pull the impellor and shaft from the impellor cover. Wash and check for any debris. Hair or plants can get wrapped around the shaft – clear before reassembling. Check and clean inside the motor by rinsing with water.
Impellor and shaft

Check parts and re-assemble
Remove the shaft from the impellor to check for damage. If the ceramic shaft is broken or damaged in any way this will need to be replaced. The rubber bung keeps the shaft in place. Sometimes this remains in the base of the motor during removal. Reassemble
Check parts and re-assemble

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