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Aqua One 4 in 1 Aquarium Scraper


Features:Algae pad, Planter, Sponge & Window cleaner


Aqua One 4 in 1 Aquarium Scraper

Aqua One 4 in 1 Aquarium Scraper – A perfect tool to help keep your fish tank sparkling clean, remove unsightly algae easily.

Features:Algae pad, Planter, Sponge & Window cleaner

Key Benefits:

Ideal for removing unsightly algae from aquarium glass & surfaces
Soft sponge for cleaning aquarium ornaments
Long handle to get into those hard to reach places
Comes in three sizes – 14, 18 & 24 Inch (35, 46 & 60cm)
Easy to use

Made Specifically For: Cleaning the inside of your tank

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It is recommended to clean the algae off your aquarium surfaces weekly before performing a partial 30% water change.

If you have having issues with excess algae try doing one or all of the following:

Reducing your lighting hours – recommended time is between 8 & 12 hours per day
Replace your Light tubes – T5 & T8 tubes should be replaced approx once every 9 – 12 months
Check your photphate & nitrate levels as if they are too high this can encourage algae to grow
Add more live Aquarium Plants as these can be direct competition with algae
Try an algacide to help kill the algae spores


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