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We offer maintenance of Fish Ponds & complete maintenance & installation of Aquariums including Freshwater, Marine & Reef Systems. We service both residential & commercial customers throughout the Auckland Region

Services include:
  • Diagnose & treatment of diseases, algae & other aquarium or pond issues
  • In house lessons on looking after your aquarium or Pond
  • Water Quality testing
  • Regular or One off maintenance service
  • Installation & Delivery
  • Feeding & Maintenance service if you are recovering from illness or away on holiday
  • aquarium makeovers
  • aquarium & fish relocation service
  • 24 hour availability

Hollywood Fish Farm Are Auckland's Largest Aquarium Specialists.

We can advise and supply anything from a small Goldfish Home, to large Marine and Fresh Water Aquariums full of exotic and unusual Aquatic Life and everything you could possibly need to maintain the environment you have created! We also provide an installation and maintenance service should you need it.

Please note prices on the website do not reflect the exact pricing in either of our 2 branches, both stores are individually managed and though all care is taken to ensure pricing on all products is the same this may differ from time to time

For centuries, man has used water as a therapeutic and calming influence in his day-to-day life

It's no secret that sitting beside the gentle flow of water or, sitting watching the splashes of colour swim by can ease away stress and tension.

At Hollywood Fish Farm we can't tell you why this is!

What we can tell you... how to bring this tranquility to your own Home, Office, Club or wherever you just want to impress!
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